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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga helps in reducing stress. It helps in proper circulation, digestion and in many more of the body. Yoga improves strength balance and flexibility. Yoga benefits heart health. Yoga reduces blood pressure and blood circulation. Yoga increases metabolism of the body.


Navratan is a healthy breakfast which we should take regularly in order to remain healthy and fit in our life.

Achievements and Awards

He achieved many achievements and awards during his entire life in field of Yoga and Social deeds.


He also opened a Chhatravas for the Students of poor and weak section of the society. So, that they can also study in city.

Types Of Yoga

There are several types of yoga exercise which are discussed below


This Yoga is helpful in reducing stress as well as fatigue and also helpful in passage of oxygen through lungs.


This is the most basic yoga asana which broadens the collarbones and chest. It calms the mind, enhances the condition of peacefulness and serenity.


This asana is helpful in thyroid problem as well as also helpful in proper functioning of heart.

Ardha Matsyendrasana
Ardha Matsyendrasana

This Asana helps in cleaning of internal organs and also helpful in increasing the flexibility of spine and hips.

Yoga and Arya Samaj

Want to become member of Arya Samaj and want to take Yoga Classes from our Yoga Guru We are just one click away.

About US

Shri Mahadev Prasad Pal was born on 15 july 1935 at Kusuwapur Raebareli(U.P). His father’s name was Bhagwaan Deen Pal. After completing his High School from Lalganj he got the govt. job in Telephone Exchange Department. He got transferred to many places like Bayaana, Bharatpur, Kota(Rajasthan) etc and also spread the awareness about ARYA SAMAJ and also was MINISTER OF ARYA SAMAJ in Bharatpur for years.

He came to Raebareli in 1971 and started working as a minister in ARYA SAMAJ. In 2000, he got elected as a Chief and worked for 4 years. Now, he is Senior Vice President of ARYA SAMAJ.

Despite of Preaching he is a YOGA AND PRANAYAM TRAINER as well as Social Worker. He is also a Vice President of ‘PAL SHIKSHA AUR JAN KALYAN SAMITI’ and Founder of “PAL CHHATRAVAS”.

He also got many trophies and shields from many famous personalities like SDM,DM and many more for his good deed as a social worker and also as a Yoga Trainer.

He himself created a NAVRATAN. In this NAVRATAN there are 9 things which are very healthy as well as very affordable. After doing Yoga in Morning, take this NAVRATAN in your breakfast you will definitely remain healthy in your whole life.

Mr. Mahadev Prasad Pal is now 85 years and still he is a Active Young Man because of doing YOGA regularly and taking NAVRATAN in his breakfast . I think he is an ideal person for us we must inspire from him and try to make changes inside us.